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June 9, 2011

Jong unhappy with report on ‘cruelty’ at his Croc Farm


KUCHING: The operator of Jong’s Crocodile Farm and Zoo, the first and largest captive breeding crocodile farm in Malaysia, is disappointed with a media report accusing the farm of keeping its crocodiles in cruel conditions.

Its owner Johnson Jong said the report was based on an observation by members of a group of tourists from Hong Kong who had little knowledge on wildlife.

“These people who live in air-cond rooms have never seen crocodiles in the wild. They think crocodiles live in condo- miniums or in air-cond rooms,” he said.

Crocodile Farm in Sarawak
Normal behaviour:
Crocodiles at Jong’s Crocodile Farm stacking together for body heat.

The group saw crocodiles stacked together during their visit and thought they were overcrowded, he said.

Like other cold-blooded reptiles, crocodiles stacked together when getting heat from the sun to keep their body temperatures warm to stay in the water at night, Jong explained.

It was normal to see juvenile crocodiles of one to two feet long stacking together to get heat, he added.

Following their visit to the farm last year, a report from anti-animal cruelty group People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals Asia was made available to Jong.

“I have seen their report and explained the matter to them. I really don’t know how they looked at it,” he said.

In regard to other complaints such as filthy ponds, Jong said this was normal and the ponds were drained to keep them clean.

He said that representatives of the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) were aware of the complaints.

When contacted, SFC general manager Wilfred Landong said SFC would hold a press conference on the issue soon. 




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