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Development project in Forest Reserve

A massive development is taking place on a site in Section 11, Kota Damansara, which may be within the Kota Damansara Forest Reserve gazetted in February.

A signboard at the site states that the project comprises 23 three-storey bungalows. Construction was scheduled to start on June 8, last year. There was a reference number for the earth work plan’s approval but none for the building plan.

Many trees were felled in what was formerly a forest near Jalan Kenyalang 11/4 four months ago and it took residents by surprise and prompted them to report the matter to the Selangor Forestry Department for further investigation.

Upon initial checks, the department’s assistant director (operations and enforcement), Mohd Yussainy Md Yusop, said the project site seemed to be within the forest reserve.

Close look: (From left) Selangor District Forest Officer Muhammad Murad, Mohd Yussainy, forest rangers Sharul Fadzilah and Hairill Rashid looking at the satellite image of the Kota Damansara Forest Reserve 

“When we compare the forest reserve’s gazettement plan with the satellite image, we found that the development appears to be taking place within the forest reserve,” he told StarMetro after visiting the site yesterday.

Interestingly, the satellite image also shows that five rows of houses are also within the forest reserve.

Yussainy said the department could not confirm if the forest reserve had been encroached into because they were still awaiting the precise demarcation from the licensed surveyor.

He said the surveyor had been given 24 weeks to do the job. The process began last week and the delay was due to the approval and appointment procedures.

He added that it was also learned that the plots where the development was taking place had been sold some time ago.

Yussainy said if the surveyor’s report showed the development was within the forest reserve, the department would report the matter to the state and let them make the decision.

At press time, the Petaling Jaya City Council was unable to provide details.

Source: The Star 



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