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1st Firefly Festival at Kg Dew, Taiping a success

28 Jul 2011

MNS and the local community at Kg Dew successfully organized The 1st Firefly Festival in Malaysia at Kg Dew, Taiping, Perak on Sunday, 24 July 2011. The event went well with interest being generated on the site as a good location for viewing of fireflies in Perak and the importance of conserving the mangroves especially the berembang trees so that the firefly colony and other fauna continue to flourish.

A note of thanks to the Taiping Municipal Council and other government agencies for their full support; MNS Perak Branch members for attending and supporting the event even though the Branch committee were not present. As usual a note of thanks also to our Selangor Branch members and their families who turned out as well to swell the ranks of MNS members at the event. Having planted the seeds of ecotourism as a foundation for conservation, MNS hopes that Kg Dew and the surrounding communities continue to sustainably progress and be a model for other such initiatives."

Yours Sincerely,

Clifford Clement
Executive Director
Malaysian Nature Society

 "Conserving Nature, Celebrating Life"



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