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Heritage Sites Malaysia


  • Lenggong Valley
    Unesco has recognised the Lenggong Valley in Perak as a World Heritage Site, Lenggong Valley in upper Perak is where the earliest human skeletal remains in the peninsula, the 11,000 year-old Perak man, was found in 1991. It is an important archaeological site where evidence of human settlement from the Palaeolithic age were found. Important archaeological sites include Kota Tampan, Bukit Jawa at Kampung Gelok and Kampung Temelong.
  • George Town and Malacca Heritage Sites
    The historical sites of George Town and Malacca have finally been listed as World Heritage Sites. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) accorded the two cities the status yesterday when the Paris-based World Heritage Council met in Quebec, Canada.
  • Kinabalu Park Heritage Site
    The diverse bio-diversity at the Kinabalu Park has enabled it to remain among the 911 World Heritage sites from 151 countries in the world. Of the 911 heritage sites, only 180, including the Kinabalu Park, were assessed for their natural environment, which was high in bio-diversity.
  • Mulu Cave Geopark
    Mulu had one of the most spectacular caving systems in the world, including the world’s largest underground chamber and the largest cave passage. Its geological formations were some 40 million years old.
  • Danum Valley
    The Sabah government is mulling the possibility of nominating Danum Valley in the east coast of Sabah as a World Heritage Site. Danum Valley — regarded as the Lost World of Borneo — given its almost undisturbed tropical rainforest and abundance of biodiversity.
  • Maliau Basin
    Malaysia is very keen to list Sabah’s Lost World, the Maliau Basin, as a Unesco World Heritage Site. Maliau Basin contained rare flora and fauna, including six types of pitcher plants and more than 80 species of orchids and endangered wildlife, from rhinoceros to the orang utan.
  • Perak State makes bid for Unesco listing
    PERAK is seeking to list Kinta Valley, Lenggong Valley, Gua Tempurung and Royal Belum as Unesco world heritage sites. PERAK was also trying to nominate Lenggong Valley as a world archaeological heritage site, Gua Tempurung as limestone heritage site and Royal Belum as the rainforest, jungle and biodiversity heritage site.
  • Valley of Heritage
    Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has submitted a proposal to Unesco to list Lenggong Valley in Perak as a world archaeological heritage site. This is because the area has one of the oldest prehistoric settlements in the world,

UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List

Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary (LEWS) (23/06/2004)
Batang Ai National Park (BANP) (23/06/2004)
The Taman Negara National Park of Peninsular Malaysia (25/06/2004)
Prehistoric Archaeological Heritage of Lenggong Valley (04/01/2010)



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