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Kuala Lumpur International Airport, KLIA

Next Generation Hub

Development of KLIA was initiated by Malaysia's Former Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad as part of the important components of MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor). Meanwhile, Subang International Airport (Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport) was recognised to be saturated to cater for passengers increase in demand.

Planning began in 1990, and started construction in 1994. With the workforce of 25,000 workers, running 24 hours a day, KLIA was officially opened only on 27 June 1998.

KLIA is situated in Sepang district, in the south of Selangor state, approximately 50 kilometres away from Kuala Lumpur city centre. Apart from KLIA Express Rail Link direct to KL City Air Terminal located at KL Sentral where city check-in services are provided. The well developed Expressway grid, facilitates it to be the convenient main gateway to Peninsular Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur International Airport

The Passenger Terminal Complex comprises three buildings - the Main Terminal Building, the Satellite Building and the Contact Pier. The Satellite terminal handles most of the international flights, while the main terminal building's contact pier handles domestic traffic. Passengers have to travel to the satellite building via Aerotrain. Besides the 80-room hotel at the Satellite Building, there is a 450-room 5-star Pan Pacific KLIA hotel at a 10 minutes walk away.

KLAI was probably the first airport in the world conceived at the very start with an environmental themes in mind. Thus, there is a huge expanse of glass throughout the building, and the spectacular roof has cut-outs for natural light to filter in.

KLIA Passenger Hall
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  • It's also lush grenery surrounds the Main Terminal building and there is a little stream gurgling through carefuly-recreated tropical rainforest below passengers as they line up for their security check before boarding the Aerotrain to the Satellite Building.
  • At the Satellite Building, there is a small patch of tropical rainforest in the middle of the bustling transit hub, providing an unexpected and refreshing oasis for harried air-travellers.
  • Carrying the same concept, a paved walking-track meanders beside regenerating secondary jungle and landscaped woodland around the award-winning KLIA Pan Pacific Hotel, and the resort-like setting enters the building with a beautifully-landscaped miniature tropical jungle-glade nestling within the main lobby. Outside, primeval rainforests stretch as far as the eye can see along the main access highway. together with ecologically-conducvie oil-pam plantations.

This year (2010) again, KLIA won the Green Globe 21 Certification, in line with the UNCED (United Nations Conference on Environment Development) Agenda 21.

KLIA has also been named "Best Airport In the World in its Class" more than once by the such organisations as IATA and Airports Council International, with judging criteria including customer satisfaction with environmental responsibility and eco-friendly operations.

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