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Tuesday March 22, 2011

Malaysia faces looming water crisis


Malaysia, with an annual rainfall of 300cm (Saudi Arabia gets only 10cm a year), should not have a problem with water, right? Think again. - End of quote

The fact that we may  be facing a water shortage in the near future inspite of frequent floods in our cities during heavy deluge should provide the an idea of how we can utilise the water run-off.
Instead of letting the water run-off and flood our cities, why don't we build storm-water storage facilities in near flood prone areas to store the flood water underground or in retention ponds to enable us to draw on it during times when our reservoirs run low?
Having such storm-water storage facilities can also reduce the floods in our cities.
Another aspect that can help is the replacement of old leaky water pipes for which our country is notorious!
These pipes cause severe leakage of water and is a total inconvenience to the consumers when they burst.
And they should have been replaced at least two decades ago!



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