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Meat Is Not Green

People can be sceptical when presented about how meat consumption should be reduced to tackle global warming. And you must be wondering why eating meat could cause damage to our Mother Earth.

The Meaty Effects

First of all, meat industry emits more greenhouse gas than any factor given. According to the United Nations, total amount of greenhouse gas emitted by livestock farms and meat-processing factory is around 18% of the total greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere, making it the largest single factor in causing greenhouse gas.

Secondly, meat production takes more resources than growing vegetales and fruits. Growing meat is never efficient. We need 16 times as much grains to produce meat, and we need another 16 times as much resources as to produce these grains to feed our cows, lamb, goats put in and chickens. Around 70% our grown gegetations are being used to feed livestock, just for them to produce enough meat for us. Besides that, we also need to  put in power to refrigerate our meat, to process them, and to ship them throughout the world.

Third, we need enormous water supply to produce meat. According to a statistic made by John Robbins in his book Food Revolution, we need 99.6% lesser water to grow one pound of potatoes, than to grow one pound of beef, and 97% lesser water than to grow one pound of chicken. Aside from supplying water to livestock as their drinking water, we need to constatly wash them, clean up their cages from accumulating faecal wastes as well as to clean up the mess after we butchered them. To be specific, it takes 214 gallons of water (or about 19731 litres) to produce one pound of beef.

Last but not least, eating meat cuts more land.  In fact, raising animals for food takes up more land than to grow crops diretly.  We need 16 pounds of grains to produce 1 pound of beef. This means in order to grow beef, we need 94% more land to cultivate grains for them and more land needed means more pesticides needed. Instead of producing food for us, they are more like processing food for us, in a reverse way. According to a recent study by, more than 90% of Amazon rain forest was cleared since 1970 is used for global meat production.

To be green, we don't have to sweat. we just need to change what we eat, because what we eat determines how we get it and how we get it determines what kind of effects our surroundings will get. You can keep earth green by simply not eating any animals.

Quit meat! It's not just good for your body; it's good also for your earth.





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