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Mekong River

by Armando696 

Mekong River rises on the Tibetan Plateau as the Lancang and flows southwest through Yunnan Province. It flows southeast and forms the border of Burma and Laos. It also defines the Laos-Thailand border for some 850 kilometres. It crosses into Cambodia then enters Vietnam, where it divides into nine channels and forms the Mekong Delta. And finally flows into South China Sea.


  • Mekong News
    ASEAN is working with the Asian Development Bank to build a highway crossing the Indochinese Peninsula from the Vietnamese city of Da Nang on the South China Sea coast to Myanmar's port city of Mawlamyaing facing the Indian Ocean. When completed, this highway will dramatically improve the efficiency of transporting goods manufactured within ASEAN to Europe and the Middle East, since they will no longer have to go through the Strait of Malacca, long a bottleneck for Chinese exporters.



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