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January 12, 2011

Natural Habitat for Tigers to be set up in Pahang

MALACCA: Though the Year of the Tiger may be ending, the future of tigers looks bright with plans to establish a Tiger Valley in Lancang, Pahang.

This is good news for Nicky, the tiger cub that was saved from a cooking pot in 2005 and ended up becoming a top breeder under the Wildlife and National Parks Department’s tiger-breeding (Perhilitan) programme at the Malacca Zoo.

Malacca Zoo director Ahmad Azhar Mohammed said Nicky had given birth to eight cubs.

A future to smile about: Nicky ‘smiling’ for the camera at the Malacca Zoo Tuesday. She and her cubs may be relocated to the Tiger Valley which will be established at Lancang in Pahang.

“However, only four managed to survive,” he said when met at the zoo here yesterday.

Nicky, a three-month old cub was saved from the cooking pot in a restaurant in Kuala Lumpur by Trade Commissioner to Papua New Guinea Datuk S. H. Foo who paid RM10, 000 for her in 2005.

She was subsequently adopted by The Star under a three-year programme.

“Currently, we have 27 tigers in the zoo with 12 of them born in captivity while the rest of them were caught in the wild or saved from poachers’ snares,” he said, adding that 84 tiger cubs were successfully bred under the programme.

However, owing to the lack of space at the zoo, he said the programme has been put on hold for the time being.

“There are initial plans to create a Tiger Valley where the tigers will be kept in a more suitable natural environment,” he said, adding that the plans were in their initial plans only.

Source: The Star



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