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15 September 2013

Perhilitan sets trap for 'Panther' in Kg Bukit Bertam

By Jaspal Singh |

TAIPING: Perak Wildlife and National Parks Department (Perhilitan) has laid a trap to nab the animal which had been preying on the livestock in Kampung Bukit Bertam in Batu Kurau near here recently.
Director Fakhrul Hatta Musa said the villagers claimed of sightings of a black animal believed to be a panther in the area and the discovery of five dead cows.
"We are not sure if it is a panther as it had never been sighted before but due to the danger to the community, we laid a trap using a goat as bait a few days ago.
Meanwhile, the villagers here expressed worry over the safety of their community and the livestock.
Ishak Mat Akib who own a fruit orchard, claimed to have stumbled on the animal lying on the road when he was on the way home at night.
"I was fortunate that it did not attack me. I stopped my motorcyle as soon as I saw the panther but it got up and moved away into the bushes,"  he said.
Rogayah Abdul Razak, 71, said she heard strange animal sound coming several times from the jungle near her house.
"After hearing stories of people's livestock being attacked, I now believe that the animal whose voice I heard could be the panther.
"I now stay indoor after dark and told my grandchildren to stay in too."
Source: NST



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