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Rafflesia and Conservation Efforts

Rafflesia is one of the most prominent icons for conservation efforts in Malaysia. Especially in in the forest around Temengor lake in northern Perak of Peninsular Malaysia.

Temengor is located at the south of the forest complex known as Belum-Temengor is an extensive worth to be conserved area in northern Perak. In 2007, the northern or Belum-Temengor, the Royal Belum State Park was officially gazetted as State park. However, the Temengor at the south remains unprotected.

After successful tourist attraction in Sabah and Sarawak, Rafflesia is introduced as part of Eco-tourism effort in the Belum-Temengor Forest Complex now. But, it has been reported that many rafflesia blooms in the wild are badly trampled on by too many inconsiderate visitors. There are even found slashed and totally destroyed due to business rivalry or jealousy.

Consequently, populations of Rafflesia in Peninsular Malaysia are already lost because of human and natural effects. 

In the Royal Belum State Park, most of the Rafflesia sites are safe because of restricted access by the public. But, it is exposed to threats from wanton vandalism or illegal collectors, in the Temengor area.

Article extracted from Malaysia Naturalist 



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