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October 12, 2010

Segon Cave and Bung Brunggu

THE Sarawak Bisapug Association (SBA) has proposed to tap into the potential of Segon Cave and Bung Brunggu (Brunggu Hill) at Kampung Simpok in Padawan near Kuching as unique tourist destinations.

Its president Paul Kawin Pipo said SBA would officially write to both the state Tourism and Heritage Ministry and Federal Tourism Ministry to request for funding to enable it realise the proposal.

“The funds will be used to provide the necessary facilities like lodging, toilets and other basic infrastructure at the site for the convenience of visitors.

“The proposed concept of the development will be based on nature and adventure,” he told StarMetro.

Publicity: Kawin holding an article about Segon Cave which was recently published in the StarMetro.

Kawin said according to stories told by the elders of Bidayuh Bisapug, Segon Cave or Ta’ang Segon as it is popularly known to the locals was the earliest settlement of the Bidayuh Bisapug community, some 350 years ago.

Due to some reasons, the community later, moved down to Segon Cave and its surrounding area before they spread to live in the present four villages of the Bisapud Bidayuh, namely Kampung Simpok, Kampung Mundai, Kampung Sarig and Kampung Pesa, all in Padawan.

Kawin said due to good road network connecting Kuching city and Kampung Simpok and all the villages in Padawan now, Segon Cave and Bung Brunggu are just about 40km drive from Kuching.

“Its a perfect retreat for city dwellers and tourists alike where they can enjoy the lush green environment, fresh air and clean water away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

“Various activities can be organised there including jungle trekking, rafting, exploring the Segon Cave and climbing the Bung Brunggu,” he added.

Kawin expressed confidence that with good infrastructure and aggressive promotion Segon Cave and Bung Brunggu could be developed into popular tourist destinations in Kuching.

To help promote the destination, he said SBA would be organising a marathon, which would be opened to the public, to the top of Bung Brunggu next year.

He said it would be the first time that the participation of the marathon is opened to the public.

“SBA has been organising the marathon for the past two years but confined its participation to only members of the Bisapug community,” he added.

Meanwhile, Kawin said SBA would soon have its own resource centre which would also house its office.

He appealed to fellow Bisapugs who had not register as members of SBA to do so the soonest possible.

Registration fee is RM5 per person and every member will be given a membership card, he said. Those interested can call the association’s publicity chief Rojers John at 017 2203839.

Source: The Star



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