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Sipadan Island

Located off the east coast of Sabah of Borneo Island, at the heart of the Indo-pacific basin, its geographic position puts Sipadan in the centre of the richest marine habitat in the world.

Renowned as one of the world's famous diving spots, Sipadan Island is the only Oceanic Island in Malaysia, which does not sit on any continental shelves. Rising 600 metres from the seabed, the island was formed by living corals growing on top of an extinct vocanic cone that took thousands of years to develop.

It takes about 90 minutes from Semporna by using a speedboat, but for sustainable conservation purpose, only 120 diving permits a day are allowed to Sipadan - which is also part of Semporna marine area.

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  • Dive Permit at Sipadan
    Sabah will not increase its daily permits for diving at Sipadan island. The move to maintain a 120 daily dive permit quota is to ensure preservation of Sipadan’s environment. Sipadan is part of the Semporna marine area, which was only recently endorsed as the richest marine bio-diversity spot on Earth by a team of top scientists, remained a favourite tourist spot with a waiting list that stretches up to seven months.
  • Protecting Sipadan
    For the sake of tourism revenue, let’s not damage “the richest marine biodiversity spot on earth” as endorsed by a 17-member team of top scientists recently. We must look at Sipadan and its marine environs as our greatest and most precious assets, not just for us but for the world at large.
  • Mabul Island
    Mabul Island is Part of Semporna marine area, became one of the popular diving sites for its shorter distance from Semporna and proximity to Sipadan Island.
  • Semporna kidnap
    It is a picturesque tropical paradise fringed by white sand and azure waters of the Celebes Sea. The serenity of the Pom Pom Island Resort, a 45-minute boat ride from Semporna, Sabah, however, was shattered by gunshots early yesterday. The resort, located a kilometre away from a General Operations Force (GOF) base, is about a 30-minute boat ride away from international waters bordering the Tawi Tawi islands off the Philippines.
  • Pom Pom Island
    Pom Pom Island Resort and Spa on the island of the same name is surrounded by the blue waters of the Celebes Sea. Just 45 minutes away from Semporna in Sabah, it is rich with vegetation and is home to Green and Hawksbill marine turtles. The resort consists of several villas – Beach Front Villas, Garden View Villas and Water Villas – which were designed with traditional architecture and built amidst the island’s natural green environment. Equipped with facilities including a restaurant, bar and a spa, guests at the resort can also plan diving or snorkelling activities at its dive desk.



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