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22 Apr 2008

The Green Initiatives

by T.K. Letchumy Tamboo

GLOBAL warming is an issue that has received much media attention in recent times because of the threat that it poses to Mother Nature and mankind.

Understanding the global urgency for action against this issue and due to its long-standing involvement and commitment to environment protection, YTL Corporation Bhd recently launched Climate Change Week 2008 for the second consecutive year.

Through this event, the company hopes to raise environmental consciousness among Malaysians and inspire them to be part of the solution to global warming.

Climate Change Week was initiated last year following the landmark report by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (UNIPCC) that stated that mankind had a short window of 10 years to address climate change before its negative effects became irreversible.

"YTL strongly believes that environmental protection is not only a moral issue, but an ethical responsibility, hence, our long-term commitment and passionate involvement in conservation through the years," said YTL Corp managing director Tan Sri Dr Francis Yeoh.

"Across the group, YTL has been working to reduce our carbon footprint by conserving energy, cutting carbon emissions, protecting natural resources, as well as supporting the development and implementation of clean technology in our companies and beyond."

Yeoh was speaking at the launch of the new Renewable Energy and Environment Fund (REEF), an Asia-Pacific green investment fund that is set to create opportunities for far-sighted investors who want to play their part in the climate change solution, in conjunction with the launch of Climate Change Week.

One of the activities planned for the week from April 29 to May 4 is the global book launch of WASTEnomics: Turning Waste Liabilities into Assets, a publication that provides strategic insights into product and process innovation to minimise waste.

Other activities include the premiere screening of the documentary The 11th Hour, a film that is produced and narrated by Hollywood actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio, which explores matters such as what we can do as global citizens to change the course mankind is headed for.

The film will be screened at The KL Performing Arts Centre (KLPac) from April 30 to May 4. Registration open until today online for tickets on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Apart from these, a dynamic one-day business strategy conference titled Energy, Security and Climate Change in the 21st Century, which is about the critical role of clean technology in tackling climate change challenges – specifically those related to energy and the usage of natural resources – will be held on May 2 at the Carlton Conference Centre, Ritz Carlton Hotel.

This will be followed by a Climate Change Youth Workshop, a free interactive full-day workshop open to any secondary school in the Klang Valley at KLPac on May 3.

There will also be a YTL Climate Change Gala held to raise funds for three Malaysian conservation groups – the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS), Reef Check Malaysia (for coral reef conservation), and TrEEs (Treat Every Environment Special).

For details on Climate Change Week 2008, including conference registration and free movie ticket sign-up, visit

10 things you can do
GLOBAL warming is caused by the release of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases into the Earth’s atmosphere. The gases act like a thick blanket, trapping the sun’s heat and causing the planet to warm up.

As an individual, you can do something to help combat this. Here are 10 simple things you can do:

  1. Change a light - Replacing one regular light bulb with an energy-saving light bulb will save 67.5kg of carbon dioxide a year.
  2. Drive less - Walk, bike, carpool or take mass transit more often.
    Recycle more - You can save 1,080kg of carbon dioxide per year by recycling just half of your household waste.
  3. Drive less - Walk, bike, carpool or take mass transit more often.
    Recycle more - You can save 1,080kg of carbon dioxide per year by recycling just half of your household waste.
  4. Pump up your tyres - Keeping your car tyres inflated properly can improve petrol mileage by more than 3%. Every 4.4 litres of petrol saved keeps 9kg of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere!
  5. Use less hot water - It takes a lot of energy to heat water. Use less hot water by installing a low-flow showerhead. 
  6. Avoid products with packaging - You can save 540kg if you cut down on your garbage by 10%.
  7. Adjust your air-con - Moving the thermostat just 2¡ã can save about 900kg of carbon dioxide a year.
  8. Plant a tree - A single tree will absorb over a 1,000kg of carbon dioxide over its lifetime.
  9. Turn off electronic devices - Switching off your TV, DVD player, hi-fi set and computer when you’re not using them will save you thousands of kilogrammes of carbon dioxide a year.
  10. Watch An Inconvenient Truth on HBO - Catch what former US vice-president Al Gore has to say about the state of planet Earth and share it with your friends.

    Source: The Sun Daily



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