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Sazzy is WWF’s Tiger Ambassador

> Five celebrities vie for title through series of short videos

ACTRESS Sazzy Falak (pix), won the hearts of tiger lovers and was announced as the Tx2 Tiger Ambassador for WWF-Malaysia’s “Tx2: Double or Nothing” campaign last week.

The Tiger Show: Hunt for the Tx2 Tiger Ambassador was part of the Tx2 tiger conservation campaign that was launched in February 2010 with the aim of doubling the number of wild tigers in Malaysia and the world by the next Year of the Tiger (2022).

Five celebrities – Aishah Sinclair, Jeremy Teo of RedFM, Mooky of One Buck Short, Rina Omar and Sazzy Falak – vied for votes from the public from April 22 to May 31 to win the title through a series of tiger-themed short videos produced each week and released online at

Speaking at the event, WWF-Malaysia’s Executive Director/CEO Datuk Dr Dionysius Sharma congratulated the trendy Sazzy Falak for her energetic efforts to win the title and said: “We are confident that she will definitely boost public awareness on the need to conserve tigers.

“We also extend our thanks to all the Tiger Show finalists for the effort that each of them poured into the production of the Week 4 videos; they really pushed the boundaries of creativity and produced five unique home videos to address tiger conservation.”

Dionysius said the need to conserve tigers has never been this urgent, with the 3,200 tigers left in the wild facing serious threats.

With this in mind, he urged the public to register at to lend their voice to tiger conservation efforts, as their support is critical for the success of the Tx2 campaign.

“By participating in the ‘Tiger Show,’ these five celebrities have helped reach out to more people than WWF-Malaysia ever could have on our own,” he said.

This is one of the main objectives of the Tx2 campaign – to generate “roaring” public support for tiger conservation,” said Dionysius.

For more information and to voice your support of tiger conservation efforts, register at 
Updated: 16 Jun 2010, Sun2Surf



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